We hope you will gain valuable insights from the comments and postings on this blog while sharing your thoughts and expertise. It is our intent to create a bridge between the suppliers of Property & Casualty Coverage - Underwriters, Carriers, Brokers, etc. - and those in the process of managing risk.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Providers of Insurance & Benefits Related: Plans, Programs, and Services - ie. H&L and P&C Carriers, Brokers, MGAs, Enrollment Companies, TPAs, Software Companies, etc. - can now become BP Trade Show Exhibitors.  Visit our Grand Opening Page to learn more about our marketing advantages and Special Pricing.  BP Trade Show is designed to "Shorten your Selling Cycles" while priced to be affordable and efficient in meeting Marketing Budgets and reaching your target markets.   

In this Blog Post, and throughout the next weeks, working with BP Trade ShowBenefitPlaceVesta Worksite, and Vesta h&l, our goal will be to explain how the BP Trade Show will optimize your opportunities in moving Insurance and Benefits Decision-Makers from the Research Phase to becoming Informed Buyers - "Shortening Your Selling Cycles"!

Note - Many have asked - What differentiates BenefitPlace, BP Trade Show and Vesta p&c?

BenefitPlace.biz was created to serve as a Free and Unbiased Research Center for those involved in the Insurance and Benefits processes to gain a greater understanding of the complex and often integrated Plans, Programs, and Services.  BenefitPlace.biz provides information about the Health & Life (H&L), Worksite/Voluntary, and Property & Casualty (P&C) Markets and those that provide services to those markets.

~ BP Trade Show is a virtual 24/7/365 trade show focused on the Insurance and Benefits Industries.  Much like a traditional trade show, Exhibitors can display their Plans, Programs , and Services.  Given the electronic venue, and no need for travel or lodging, the cost for Exhibitors is extremely affordable.  Being open on a 24/7/365 basis provides the Exhibitors maximum exposure!  The goal of BP Trade Show is to assist Exhibitors in "Shortening the Selling Cycles" while simplifying the processes for decision-makers. Visitors to the BP Trade Show - Insurance and Benefits Decision-Makers - enjoy: free admission. no travel or lodging cost, and the ability to research and compare from the comfort of their office, home, etc.

Vesta p&c is a consulting arm of BenefitPlace and BP Trade Show focusing on the Property & Casualty Marketplaces.  When individuals or organizations have questions, Vesta p&c refers the decision-makers to the appropriate PA, Broker or Carrier. 

Start driving traffic to your Plans, Programs, and/or Services to convert them into buyers!  For more information - Call 216.921.1583!     Find out more about our Grand Opening Discount and Take Advantage of Savings! 

Have a Great Week!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?  --  How can sellers and buyers of Plans, Programs, and Services cost-effectively access the Insurance & Benefits Marketplace to "Shorten the Selling and Buying Cycles"?  
  • BenefitPlace (BP) - a Free Insurance & Benefits Research Center and 
  • BP Trade Show (TS) - a 24/7/365 Virtual Trade Show 
In this Blog Post, and throughout the next weeks, working with BenefitPlaceVesta Worksite, and Vesta h&l,  our goal will be to explain BP & TS and optimize your opportunities in taking Insurance and Benefits Decision-Makers from the research phase to becoming informed buyers.

BenefitPlace.biz was created to serve as a free & unbiased Research Center for those involved in the Insurance and Benefits processes to gain a greater understanding of the complex and often integrated Plans, Programs, and Services.    Information about these Plans, Programs, and Services are generally unaccessible without costs, expertise, and time consuming research.  BenefitPlace.biz will provide general information about two specific Industry Sectors:

  • Health & Life (H&L) Insurance Plans - Group, Voluntary/Worksite, and Individual
  • Property & Casualty (P&C) - with its Complex Sectors 
In addition, BenefitPlace.biz has built, and will continue to expand, lists of Plan, Program and Service providers and differentiate them by their areas of expertise.  As a service to those doing the research and the providing entities, we have provided links to the specific websites of providers.

Throughout the research process, visitors to BenefitPlace.biz will be invited to visit the BP Trade Show to gain greater information about specific providers of Plans, Programs, and Services of those who are Exhibitors at the permanent Trade Show!  At this point in the process our goal is to convert the Decision-Maker into the Potential Client - A Qualified Prospect!  Armed with the information gained at the BenefitPlace.biz Research Center, the Decision-Makers will enabled to select the Plans, Programs, and/or Services they require to meet specific and defined needs.

BP Trade Show has just begun the process of reaching out to Exhibitors for:

  • Company Directory Listings
  • Plan, Program & Service Listings
  • Company Profile Pages
  • Plan,, Program Service Profile Page Listings
  • Landing Pages, & Landing Page Design, to promote specific Plans, Programs & Services and convert researchers into buyers.
We encourage providers of Insurance and Benefits related Plans, Programs, and Services to click below for access to the Trade Shows Home Pages that explain your opportunities:

Call to Action!  Please assist BenefitPlace in developing BP Trade Show into the primary hub for connecting Insurance & Benefits providers of Plans, Programs, & Services and the Decision-Makers - Employers, Employees, and Individuals.  Your Steps:

  1. Click on topics above to learn more!
  2. Contact BP Trade Show for more information or call 216.921.1583!
  3. Become an Exhibitor - Direct traffic to your plans, programs, and Services to convert them into buyers!
  4. Drive Sales & Revenues at Reduced Costs!
  5. Our Grand Opening Discount - Take Advantage of Savings!
In our next Blog Posting will discuss "Optimizing your positioning in BenefitPlace and BP Trade Show with Social Media!".  Have a Great Week!

Monday, April 19, 2010


BP p&c is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of the new virtual, web-based BP Trade Show - click on Trade Show to visit the site!  BP Trade Show will assist in reducing the time and cost for delivering and decision-making for the:
  •  Insurance and Benefits Industries & 
  •  Insurance and Benefits Decision-Makers.   
Assisting us with the creation of this permanent, 24/7/365 Insurance and Benefits Trade Show site are: BenefitPlace, Vesta Worksite, and Vesta h&l!

Our Current Focus - We are contacting Companies and Organizations in the Insurance and Benefits Industries to explain the process for becoming an Exhibitor - how to spotlight the Plans, Programs, and/or Services they offer.  Visitors to the Trade Show will have free access and be enabled, by category, to isolate and meet their specific Insurance and Benefits related needs.  The Trade Show will act as a bridge between those who offer plans, programs, and/or services and those who are in the benefits decision-making process.

To accomplish the above we divided BenefitPlace into two parts:
  • BenefitPlace - A web based Research Center to assist Insurance and Benefits decision-makers in better understanding the plans, programs, and services available.  This site, www.benefitplace.biz also provides a level playing field for those who offer the plans, programs, and services - Carriers, Wholesalers, PAs, Brokers, TPAs, Technology Companies, etc. to show and explain what differentiates them in the marketplace.  While the site will have advertising space available, access and listings will be free to all parties.  For more information email: max@benefitplace.biz or call 216.921.1583.   
  • BP Trade Show - A virtual trade show opened 24/7 to assist Insurance and Benefits decision-makers in gaining access to the providers or plans, programs and services.  The goal of  BP Trade show is to be a natural extension of BenefitPlace for meeting Insurance and Benefits needs.  As we expand the number of Exhibitors in the various sectors of the Insurance and Benefits Industry, visitors will be enabled to meet their Insurance and Benefits needs from the comfort of their offices or homes.  For the visitors their will be no cost for attending the Trade Show.  For Exhibitors the cost will be a fraction of the normal cost for Trade Show participation.  In addition, the Trade Show will be open year round and as current as the information provided by the Exhibitors.    
We encourage those who provide Plans, Programs, and Services to contact us for information -
Call: 216.921.1583.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A New P&C Marketplace - BP Trade Show - Inbound Marketing vs Outbound!

Participants at this weeks meeting with affiliates included - Vesta WorksiteVesta h&l, and BenefitPlace!  Again we postponed our discussions about Def-Con Plans to further explore the mission of the new BenefitPlace subsidiary, BP Trade Show - A virtual trade show for the Insurance & Benefits Industry! 

Over the past years we, and most of our clients and associates, have come to agree that the insurance and benefits industries remain in the dark ages of marketing and communications - as well as extremely inefficient and wasteful in the allocation and utilization of marketing dollars.  Over the past few years the concept of "Inbound Marketing" has matured to augment, if not replace, traditional marketing techniques referred to as "Outbound Marketing". 

In its most simplistic form Inbound Marketing puts the customer in control of researching and meeting their needs for plans, products and services utilizing: the internet, websites, blogs and other social media resources.

The historic Outbound marketing techniques had the sales process in control customer acquisition and communications utilizing common techniques such as: the field sales force, telemarketing, magazine and TV advertising, direct mail, physical trade shows, seminars, etc.    

BenefitPlace was created to begin a process of Inbound Marketing to bring efficiencies and cost-savings to the insurance and benefits industries.  The concept was to provide a research hub, much like a library for the industries, bringing together the numerous parties to the insurance and benefits decision-making processes.  Throughout the ten year evolution of BenefitPlace - with thoughts of both physical and virtual sites - we always had in mind the addition of a permanent Insurance & Benefits Trade Show.        

BP Trade Show - opening its virtual doors Wednesday 7 April - will be a permanent, virtual, 24/7 "Inbound Marketing" Expo for the Insurance and Benefits Industries bringing together buyers, sellers and the providers of services.

It is not are intent to replace the traditional insurance and benefits related trade shows that have been in existence for years - they provide an excellent service!  Through the internet we will provide consumers of insurance and benefits free access to exhibitors and their plans, products, and services.  Exhibitors will be able to differentiate their plans, products and services at an affordable cost with out the need for travel, lodging, lost time and the cost of a physical exhibit.

The BP Trade Show will put the "customer" in charge of the buying process on an "Inbound" basis for the benefit of Exhibitors.  Two quotes help explain Inbound vs Outbound Marketing!

“If you have more Money than brains, you should focus on Outbound Marketing. If you have more Brains than money, you should focus on Inbound Marketing.” Guy Kawasaki

"Rather than interrupt the unqualified masses with traditional marketing strategies such as direct mail, telemarketing and advertising, you can connect with qualified consumers online when they are actively looking for what you offer." PR 20/20

Next week we will share with you the web link to the BP Trade Show and information about pricing and Inbound Marketing opportunities for potential exhibitors!  Should you have any questions or comments in the interim, please email: max@benefitplace.biz or call; 216.921.1583. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grand Opening Date for the New Virtual Insurance & Benefits Trade Show Announced!

The BP Trade Show Grand Opening Date Announced!  Participants at this weeks meeting with affiliates included - BenefitPlaceVesta Worksite, and Vesta handl!  We postponed our discussions about Def-Con Plans to explain the new BenefitPlace subsidiary, BP Trade Show - A virtual trade show for the Insurance & Benefits Industry!

A Tremendous Opportunity for Marketing P&C Plans, Programs, & Services!  BP Trade Show will offer a cost-effective and efficient opportunity for Carriers, Wholesalers, PAs, Brokers & Service Companies to reach out to clients and potential clients - the Corporate, Organizational and Individual Markets.     

The Target Date for Opening the new web based Trade Show is Wednesday, March 31.  The BP Trade Show marketing staff will be opening the show to the Insurance & Benefits marketplace for promoting plans, products and services.  Directory listings by industry, specialization, plans, services, etc. will be available to assist in "Shortening Sales Cycles" and more efficiently reaching the organizational, group and individual H&L and P&C Markets.  For more information, please email - max@benefitplace.biz or call 216.921.1583!

The BP Trade Show Trade will help the Insurance & Benefits Industries more cost-effectively deliver their Plans, Products & Services to Individuals, Families, Groups and Organizations.  As an internet based trade show, our site will be open to all parties 24/7, requiring no travel or lodging costs for vendors or visitors, and will create time and cost savings for all parties to the decision-making process!   

For Carriers - The BenefitPlace Trade Show will allow you to spotlight your Company and what differentiates your Plans, Products & Services for specific target markets.  Wholesalers, PAs, Brokers, Organizations and Individuals will be empowered to visit this show at no cost and have access to the information your Company selects to provide.  This showplace will "Shorten Your Selling Cycles" on a "Cost-Effective" basis! 

For Brokers, Wholesalers, PAs and Consultants - The BenefitPlace Trade Show will provide an opportunity to tour the Insurance & Benefits marketplace for H&L, P&C Carriers, and Service Companies.  In addition, visitors to the Trade Show can learn more about your Organization and the Plans, Products & Services you provide.  This show will "Shorten Your Selling Cycles" by simplifying your prospects decision-making process.   

For Organizations, Employers and Individuals -  The BenefitPlace Trade Show will provide an opportunity to tour the Insurance & Benefits marketplace for Plans, Products & Services in the H&L, P&C, and Service Company arenas.  The show is designed to reduce the time and cost of decision-making in an environment conducive to the cost-effective integration of Insurance & Benefits risk management.  The show will provide access to Carriers, Brokers, Consultants and Service Companies to assist in meeting a full spectrum of your needs and cost points.

We hope you will visit the BP Trade Show and provide us input on how to improve the site!  Email - max@benefitplace.biz or Call - 216.921.1583

Monday, March 15, 2010

Retaining & Building Your P&C Block of Business!

Weekly Meeting Update:  Attendees included - BenefitPlaceVesta Worksite, and Vesta handl.  We discussed a section of an article from Rough Notes, a magazine we thoroughly enjoy, titled "TRUCKING MARKETS SEE BEYOND PROBLEMS TO OPPORTUNITIES" by Dave Willis.  The section was titled "Trucking Tips" and was based on insights by several P&C industry professionals.

While their focus was on success for retail agents in the trucking market, their "Tips" were universal in working with clients, or potential clients in any marketplace.  In brief, they suggested: 
  • Learn all facets of the customer's operations!
  • Understand the financial stability of a carrier!
  • Are Carriers Pricing the premium to the risk?
  • Understand the specific needs and operations of each customer!
  • Deliver value!
  • Develop a strong rapport and sustained relationship!
  • Communicate with insureds!
  • Service is a competitive advantage!
  • Provide "Control Consultations" and "Investigative Consultations"!
  • Increase the amount of time worked on each account!
  • Visit clients on a regular basis!
  • Educate your customers!
  • Use online systems!
  • Attend industry events with customers!
  • Find a niche where you feel comfortable!
  • Learn to walk away & Say-Next"! - Don't waste your time!
While these may seem obvious, I think they are great reminders in tough times while most of us are trying to hold on to business while struggling to attract new accounts!

Please share your comments!  You are invited to join our Lindedin Group, "Insurance Forum" and visit our website: Vesta p&c!

Have a Great Week!

Monday, March 8, 2010


At our weekly meeting of affiliates that included - BenefitPlaceVesta Worksite, and Vesta handl - we discussed the incredible number of worldwide tragedies that have occurred recently.  One in particular, the earthquakes in Chile, pointed out the risk management capacities & value the P&C marketplace bring to Countries, Organizations, Populations, Individuals, etc.

According to Insurancenewsnet.com, "The 8.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Chile on Feb. 27 -- one of the five strongest quakes recorded in the past century -- could be the costliest ever if the insured losses come in at the high end of early estimations".  Estimates insured losses cold be between $3 and $8 billion.

An article published in PR-insider.com states that "Fitch Ratings believes that the Chilean property/casualty insurance industry will likely be able to absorb losses from the earthquake and Tsunami that hit the central-south part of Chile on Feb. 27".  Fitch continues to say that profitability ratios will be negatively impacted for the industry and that "the 2010 fiscal year could end with net losses and higher leverage ratios".

For those in Chile who had the foresight to evaluate the "Cat Risk" of living and doing business in a region prone to earthquakes, the payments from their carriers will be essential for restoration of business and life.  Timely payment of claims is both expected and traditionally the norm.  This is what the coverage is for!

Our meeting's discussions also drifted to the current plethora of proposed governmental legislation, regulation and controls facing the P&C Industry.  It has been out position that the P&C Industry is systemically sound.  While all industries have their problems, and parties that abuse the systems, the P&C Industry sets a good example for acting and reacting well to dealing with needs and problems.

Washington's ongoing problems with FEMA and other agencies - See The Huffington Post - suggests that rather than attacking the P&C Industry, the Government Entities should work with, and learn from, the P&C Industry.  The use of improved "cat. models" and a focus on organizational efficiencies, that are essential to the P&C Industry's survival, would be a better investigation and implementation by our Congressional and Agency overseers!

Join our "Insurance Forum" on Linkedin for discussions and comments about the Insurance Industry!      

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